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Providing Professional Management Services to San Diego County Property Owners. We service everything from single family homes and condominiums to large apartment complexes. Each property’s unique attributes are individually assessed and the objectives and long term goals of the owner are defined prior to completion of the development of a management agreement. This ensures cost-effective, personal service designed with YOUR goals firmly in place. We work diligently to provide you with the highest return on your REAL ESTATE investment while minimizing risks in inherent investment property ownership.
Delegating the day to day decisions regarding your investment property is no small matter.
Xanthus Property Management can be trusted to:
• Maintain your properties to the highest standards, ensuring minimum vacancy times and faster turnovers.
• Handle routine maintenance items in a timely manner to avoid more costly repair billing from excessive damage.
• Carefully screen all maintenance requests, solving problems with “in-house” personnel when possible.
• Use competent, reasonably priced, experience trade personnel that offer discounts for consistent use.
• Conduct market surveys and continually monitor the rental industry to ensure competitive rent structures and timely reaction to market conditions.

There are inherent risks with Real Property investments. Xanthus Property Management minimizes that risk by reducing or eliminating troublesome, time consuming problems as or before they develop. Our experienced, trained professionals can be counted on to:
• Strive for quality tenants through careful and thorough screening of rental candidates by acquiring credit review, eviction reporting and reference verifications.
• Request realistic security deposits. Provide prompt, attorney-assisted unlawful detainer and eviction procedures when necessary.
•  Inspect premises (interior and exterior) on a periodic basis, ensuring compliance with rental agreements and the maintenance standards established by the owners.

Because owning investment property should be a profit making venture, the full service approach Xanthus Property Management utilizes is designed to assure your greatest profit potential. Some of the benefits we offer are:
• Fully computerized accounting services to provide clear, concise, easy to read monthly financial statements with year to date totals and current balances.
• Complete disbursement services for vendors expenses, debt service, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.
• Twenty four hour access emergency pager and cellular telephone service.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your profitability goals, and to provide a high standard of quality service.

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